Our team was requested to design a new visual identity for Engmart. It’s about a Civil Engineering company from Campos dos Goytacazes, which provides project design services, consulting and construction management in the north of Rio de Janeiro state. Since its foundation in 2015, the company goal is to answer the final client as well as others companies on this field, through achieving complementary projects.

The Challenge:

Due the company quality of work, most of the projects came through friends and clients indications. Even though having a recognized name on market and performing a high quality work, it was difficult to open new doors because of its inefficient printed advertisement.

The client didn’t have institutional stationery (what is considered the first step for a brand communication) and its logo was obsoleted, designly speaking.

Therefore, the challenge was to refresh the brand to a modern version, and to create the supporting stationery templates.


After the client be flagged, React performed the visual identity reset process.

During the research, it became clear that like the leading companies in the same segment, the visual identity of Engmart should be sober, clean and convey solidity.

According with the industry references, naturally our team took the brand in a horizontal and symmetrical way, while conveying solidity without overdoing it.

The process of logo design:


Trabalho de logotipo para engenharia civil


Resultado Final

With the approval of the creative logo concept, our team chose the non-verbal language (colors, fonts, shapes) of the project with the needed application to meet the challenge, bringing credibility for the refreshed brand.

All the files were finalized and delivered to the customer, according to pre-selected print shops’ template rules, avoiding problems with print formats.

Check out the final work below:

marca engmart caixa alta na parede

papelaria para identidade visual engenharia civil

Modelo de outdoor ilustrativo Engmart

Modelo de uniforme engenheiro civil

modelo de crachá para engenheiro civil


"I recommend React because I was very satisfied with the work they did. The service was great, fast and objective, leading us to results that we didn’t expected. The brand conveys the solitude needed for a company from this sector. We get compliments about our identity whenever a customer interacts with our brand, from the proposal to the delivery of a project."

Victor Martins

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