Every private company, of any nature, has to sell. Increasing sales in a structured way is the path for increasing a company’s profit.

Since 2011, React develops a know-how in sales to companies in charge of B2B services, where normally occur sales of high complexity.

Complex sales are the ones with high medium ticket, they’re accomplished with a touch of personality, and involves a series of steps that usually requires more time to be fulfilled.

In this context, it’s crucial to have a tool to control and measure the activities, so they don’t lose themselves in the daily rush. Most of the times, this tool is called CRM and it’s faced towards sales.

Our team designed a consulting for small and medium company sizes, to break the lack of sales control barrier, adding to the digital transformation maturity.

How does it work?

The first step we need to accomplish is one evaluation to understand the current process of sales, and if we actually can help.

Next, we begin the consulting, which has weekly sessions ranging from three to six months, based on the company’s maturity.

The process goes through choosing the CRM, definition of presales and sales phases, goals definition and key performance indicator (KPI’s).

The consulting goal isn’t only to train a team capable of using the tool, like a generic informatized system, but also the digitization of the sales department in a way where competitivity is possible, through defining goals for a quick decision making.

Main Topics

  • The use of CRM for sales;
  • Structuring steps and processes;
  • Creation and continuation of a Sales Playbook;
  • Negotiation, validation and follow up of clients;
  • Establish targets, measurement and analysis of indicators.


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