Inbound Marketing is a revolutionary methodology, that bring up the interests, problems, doubts, and the desires of the target audience. Instead of just announcing what the company wants to sell, the Inbound creates interests through relevant content and promotes a relationship throughout the purchase journey. Scalable Sales are the result, which increases revenue while time and cost-per-customers (CAC) decreases. Therefore, the company growth becomes sustainable, constant and predictable.

To understand easier how inbound marketing works, watch this one minute video below.

The higher the content disponible online, lesser are the results of classical advertising. The inbound Marketing is a truly immersion throughout the customer purchase day, which invites the company to know deeper their clients and their contexts. To know more about this subject, download the e-book: Introduction to Inbound Marketing (Portuguese version).

Funil de vendas: Visitantes - Leads - Clientes

Inbound process Steps:


The process starts when determined contents are chosen. Visitor access the website through blogs, social media, announcements and SEO.


With the delivery of valuable content, the visitors become leads, in other word, they are people who register themselves in the website in exchange of relevant content.


Through the nurture, the leads are splitted and filled with informations, in this way the customer purchase journey is speeded up.

Sales support

The agency does support the sales team, through the eligible leads access and reviewing further customers approach.

Process Analysis:

Reviewing the process is crucial to improve it, with the goal of decreasing bottlenecks and increasing its results.


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