When talking about B2B business, we usually split the commercial process between three steps: presales, Sales and Customer Success.

presales is the moment when we catch up potential clients in the marketplace, whether can be done in local fairs, by indication, through strategies of leads capture by inbound marketing, or by active prospecting.

Active prospecting is a presales tool which a representative gets personally in contact with potential clients, whether through in-person visits, phone calls or e-mails.

It’s just in the last item where the automatized presales solution gets in. Our team uses automations to find out potential clients and creates a mailing lists to contact those clients, fasting up the creation of opportunities by exploring the concept of Cold Calling 2.0.

What is cold calling 2.0?

First, we need to clear up what Cold Calling means: It is the term used for those “cold calls” that you usually receive when someone is trying to sell you something. Normally the person doesn’t want to  call either (they know the chances you’re not interested are huge) nor you wants to receive this kind of calls (to bother you with things you don’t want)

The cold calling 2.0 was presented by Aaron Ross ( author of Predictable Revenue) as an evolution, where not only the cliente approach changes, but also all the background needed to make contact. Briefly, the Cold Calling 2.0 is:

  • It takes into account the ideal consumer, adapting the speech of approach for this person considering her/his profile;
  • Building a concise list of potential ideal clients;
  • Emails campaigns to generate internal references;
  • Connection with the lead, through solutions for its needs.
  • Access of a qualified lead to the sales team.

Why automating emails is important

Time! In a brief way, this is the main reason.

When we automate the repeated task of sending e-mails, the sales professional has more time available for more important jobs, such as find, qualify and talk with potential clients.

In addition to increase the productivity, automatized emails bring up recurring opportunities,  thus, they contribute for recurring revenue

How do we make presales automation?

Presales Automation Fluxogram

The solution has simple and well defined steps. All the work is based in potential clients segmentation. In short lines, we divided the solution in three stages:

Selection: We create a segmented list, where we raise up the main potential clients with the sales team of the company. The automation uses artificial intelligence to find out corporative emails of clients.

Email cadency: Our team does a personalized sequence of emails for each segment of clients. It isn’t about email marketing. The email firing  are made using a transitional email box.

Answers’ Triage: We are in charge of tagging which answers show an interest. After the analysis of potential clients, our team deliver the opportunities to the sales sector of our partner.


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