Sebrae is an institution that helps the growth and development of medium and small sized companies as its core, those represent 27% of Brazil’s GDP, mainly through events, courses, classes, subsidies, amongst other endeavors.

One of the fronts that Sebrae raises up are free courses, through online teaching. Those are short courses, with just a few hours, that deliver a concise content, besides adding up to the knowledge, also encourages the decision making.

Sede do Sebrae no Distrito Federal - Fonte (Sebrae)

Sebrae Headquarters on Federative District – Source: SEBRAE


Sebrae contracted React as a specialist for creating the complementary content of 8 free online courses, for the National Sebrae’s website.

Those are contents for entrepreneurs “starting online business”, these courses approach many subjects related to digital marketing, ranging from how to use search engines, to creating a virtual store.

In this context, the React contribution on this projects was split in two fronts:

  • Complementary Content Creation to update the original content and to add a technical knowledge in a didactic way.
  • Review and Analysis of the course content from specialists point of views, in order to ensure that there were no obsolete content.


The work’s result was the creation of a text library of more than 20,000 words, ranging between relevant information, case studies, concept definitions, and more than 90 multiple choice questions, besides every course revision.

The courses can be accessed freely on Sebrae’s Website (Portuguese Reading):

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Others Cases

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