Having an effective website is an important achievement to obtain credibility to your business. In our process of creating, we organize and concentrate the informations, making it easier for visitors in access information.

There are three major goals when making a website:

  • Be found by who looks for your services but don’t know about it;
  • Share informations, making it easy to people who heard about the business;
  • To start a dialogue, encouraging the visitor to become a client.


How we create websites?

Tripé para criação de sites - cliente, empresa e internet

Our focus is to create unique projects, according with the environment where the business is located on. Our work is shifted to business that sells solutions with high added value (B2B, education, medicine, amongst others), where the client needs information to take important decisions, so the content influences on the sales and the trust can be established by its design.

Our work is is based on the triangle client x business x internet. 

First, the whole project is focused on generating ease for the client. The ways are intuitive, and it feels like it isn’t needed to learn how to use the website.

Second, the project has to agree with the environment the business is situated on and enable changes at the pace it grows. The speech, informations and visual identity must be aligned.

Finally, the internet factor enters the game connecting client and company. Our team apply good measures to the usability and user experience, creating a practical and modern project.

Responsive: Adapted for mobile screens

Criação de site responsivo, adaptável para computador, celular e tablet

A responsive layout adjusts itself in both computer screens and cell phones, providing a good experience for users. It doesn’t mean to create a different version of the layout for each one, but an unique one that adjusts itself according to the screen size.

Search Engine Optimization

Resultado de site otimizado para SEO - Otimização de Buscas

Being found on searches is one of the most relevant factors that justifies investing on a website. There are more than two hundred factors that Google uses to measure up your ranking, and a good part of them are related to the way the website is built.

Our team has experience on creating optimized websites and designing projects with the best practices.

  • The content is structured to be easily indexed;
  • Pages are organized according possible searches;
  • The website code is clean and follow good SEO practices;
  • Integrations with free web tools from Google.

SEO is hard. Therefore, it requires constant efforts to obtain and keep good results.


WordPress Admin Dashboard

You can view the administrative dashboard below, where we built this page.

Criação de site com área administrativa em WordPress

We design websites with simple and intuitive administrative dashboards, enabling everyone with minimum training to manage the website’s content.

The importance of administrative area is allowing simple updates to the website, which prevents it from becoming obsolete or irrelevant for the visitor.

Our main development platform is WordPress. That’s a powerful tool, used by more than 30% of the internet, according to W3Techs.


Services Integrations

According to each project needs, it’s possible to integrate the website with external resources, in order to be able to extend the website’s horizons.


The Website is Yours (freedom)

The project outcome is a client’s right. Then, React delivers the source code, images and the database of the website, as well as every password needed for the project’s maintenance.

We also can host the website in our servers and make the maintenance.


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